miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012


A lot of people has problems with the hair loss.One of the product tha help you to prevent hair loss is minioxidil.Minioxidil is antihypertensive vasodilator medication wich stop hair loss and promotes hair grow.

Minioxidil first it's used exclusevly as an oral drug to treat high blood pressure.Science discovered that minioxidil cause increased growth or darkening of fine body hair.The treatments for hair loss usually include 5% concentration solution that is designed for men and 2% for women.The brand name for minioxidil is Rogain approved medicamentation for hair loss .Rogain is a solution that is applied directly to the scalp.

Minoxidil taken orally has potential serious side effects on the heart and  circulatory system.


The mechanism by wich minioxidl works it's not yet understood .Minioxidil contains the nitric oxide chemical moiety and may act as a nitric oxide agonist .Minioxidil is less effective when there is a large area of  hair loss.Efficiency was demonstrated in younger men who have experienced hair loss for less 5 years

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