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How to Use Shower Gel

If your skin becomes dry and tight when you use a bar of soap, try cleansing with shower gel, instead. Many shower gels include ingredients that lock in skin's moisture and leave your skin smelling light and fresh.

  1. Use shower gel sparingly to get the most for your money. Shower gel is typically more expensive than soap, but you need very little to create a generous lather.
  2. Apply shower gel to a loofah, pouf or washcloth and agitate it to create suds before applying cleanser to your entire body (except face). Rinse thoroughly with warm water after cleansing
  3. Avoid washing your face with shower gel, as it can be drying for delicate facial skin. Instead, use a gentle face cleanser applied with your fingertips or a washcloth. Check out The Body Shop for their Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, created to calm and moisturize sensitive skin (see Resources below). If you have oily skin, consider their Tea Tree Oil Daily Foaming Cleanser, which helps control shine and deeply cleanse skin.
Lather legs and underarms with shower gel before shaving. Shower gel lubricates the skin so you can avoid cutting or nicking yourself. Don't forget to rinse your razor blade thoroughly after shaving to avoid build up of shower gel residue

Try a natural product like Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Shea Butter Body Wash or Kiss My Face Organic Sudz Shower Gel (see Resources below). Formulated without artificial ingredients, added colors or animal products, these product lines were created to cleanse and moisturize skin without harsh chemical additives.

Make your own shower gel from natural ingredients and essential oils. For a list of cleanser recipe ideas, visit (see Resources below).

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Shower gel is the general term for a substance similar to liquid soap, which is used for cleaning yourself during a shower. Most commercial shower gels do not contain any saponifield oil however, instead being products of petroleum

Shower gel is available in different colors and scents. Practically all shower gels on the market today are ph-balance .

Some shower gels are herb-infused, and some offer aromatherapeutic benefits.

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People in long-term relationships, whether they are married or dating, often complain about getting into a rut. Your relationship may have started off with the great burst of passion and excitement but perhaps it began to wane because life is busy and work can where you out by the end of the day.

If you're in a dating relationship that seems to be in a rut, or wonder why you can't keep a long term relationship exciting anymore, perhaps you need to go back to the beginning. That doesn't mean you need to break up with your current partner and find someone new, it means you need to refresh the relationship with exciting and spontaneous activities.

When you look back on a period of your life, what is it that you remember? Is it the average day-in, day-out activities? Not likely. It is more likely those fun and spur-of-the-moment times when you did things that were hilarious or scary or new. That's what it means to go back to the beginning of a relationship, when everything you do is spontaneous and new.

Next time you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are deciding to do something on Friday, don't settle for dinner-and-a-movie. Do something different! Here are some ideas:

Play paintball
Rent a classic car
Go skydiving
Have a picnic

Or surprise your date with something spontaneous:

Start a water fight
Go for a romantic boat ride and tip the boat
Blindfold your date and take them somewhere they never been
Surprise your date at work just as they're finishing up for the day

Relationships fail for many reasons. One of the saddest reasons is that people simply drift apart because the other person doesn't excite them anymore. It doesn't have to be that you're your relationship, whether dating or married, can thrive when it is filled with adventures that the two of you share as you build memories together.

You'll look back on your time together with fondness as you consider the many fun and spontaneous things you did together. But doing those things is a choice. Choose to return to the beginning of your relationship and have fun again!


Glycerin Soap has many moisturizing properties.
Glycerine Soap is a humectant, drawing moisture from the air to your skin, plumping it up to allow it
to remain hydrated, soft and supple.

Our glycerin soaps provides your skin constant hydration.
Unlike some soaps that dry your skin out and make it feel tight and even flaky, using glycerin soap keeps
your skin feeling hydrated for several hours after you use it.

People with sensitive skin find that glycerin is gentler on their complexion.

This soap quickly dissolves in water, making it easy to wash off.
It doesn't leave behind any film like heavier soaps can.
And because it's gentle on the skin, glycerin soap can be used by people of all ages including children.
By keeping your skin well moisturized, you can create the foundation for healthy skin and prevent premature wrinkles.

Although glycerin is a great soap to clean your whole body, using it to wash your face can offer you additional benefits.
Using a harsh soap that dries out the skin on your face often causes your skin to make up for that dryness by
creating extra oil, which clogs your pores and creates skin problems.

Glycerin soap can help decrease acne when you use it as a face wash. Glycerine soap can be great help for acne suffers.
And for those who suffer from such skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, it can help relieve symptoms by washing with glycerine soap.

It is especially good for sensitive skin. And because of its gorgeous lathering properties men love to use Glycerine Soap for shaving!

Our soaps are a vegetable glycerin contains no animal products and provides a natural alternative for skin care.
In 5 sparkling flavours Bodytreats Glycerine Soap is highly recommended for everyone

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A Guide To Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is often created with non-precious metals, usually gold or silver plated, and with or without beads and stones. Costume jewelry has been extremely popular around the world for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians are known to have worn decorative beaded necklaces and Cleopatra is probably one of the original wearers of what we now call costume jewelry. In more recent times the people of the Germanic and Slovak regions became highly skilled at developing intricate patterns in glass beads. However, beadwork used in costume jewelry is not only limited to glass.

A large variety of materials are traditionally used to make beads such as jet, wood, amber, gemstones, pottery, ceramic, metals, horn, coral, ivory, tortoiseshell and pearls. Some modern materials such as plastics, nylon and even polycarbonate variants are also used to make beads. Costume jewelry can be antique, period, or contemporary and there are many collectors of every style of costume jewelry. Venetian glass pieces of costume jewelry are particularly collectable as well as being extremely popular for people to wear.

Cleaning costume jewelry is extremely simple but needs to be done on a regular basis to prevent tarnishing. Simply use a mild detergent mixed in water to keep your costume jewelry in good condition. It is important not to soak the jewelry and to make sure that you dry it thoroughly before storing it. You can buy anti-tarnish paper for wrapping your costume jewelry in before you put it away for long periods of time but regular cleaning is the best defense against tarnishing. The tarnishing of costume jewelry is typically caused by the metal reacting with the atmosphere and oxidizing.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who are unable to wear costume jewelry next to their skin. This is because of their sensitivity to the metals used. It is important to make sure that anyone that you are buying the jewelry for is not allergic to nickel or copper, especially with pierced earrings. Costume jewelry may look beautiful and, especially in the case of contemporary pieces, be reasonably priced but it is not suitable for everyone to wear. For many people a piece of costume jewelry may be the first jewelry that they have worn and it is important to look out for signs of a reaction, especially after extended periods of wear. Often people will not show a reaction if they wear the jewelry for a short amount of time and this can be an ideal way to avoid any possible discomfort. You can also buy a special coating that you apply to the back of the costume jewelry to protect the skin from having direct contact with the metal.


Sunflower, olive oil & aloe vera

Prevents peeling, prolongs tan, moisturizes, soothes and revitalizes the skin.

Sunflower oil*: Antioxidant, photoprotective
Olive oil*: Antioxidant, anti-ageing
Aloe vera* :Hydrating, soothing
Honey*: Hydrating, anti-bacterial
Lycorice*: Anti-inflammatory, healing
Provitamin B5: Emollient, healing


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Deodorants are substances applied to the body to affect body odor caused by bacterial growth and the smell associated with bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet and other areas of the body.

A subgroup of deodorants antiperspirants affect odor as well as prevent sweating by affecting sweat glands .Antiperspirants are typically applied to the underarms while deodorants may also be used on feet and other areas in the form of body sprays .

In the United States, deodorants are classified and regulated as cosmetics by the (FDA)

The first commercial deodorant Mum was introduced and patented in the late nineteenth century by an inventor in Philadelphia ,Pennsylvania whose name has been lost to history.The product was briefly withdrawn from the market in US but is currently available at U.S. retailers under the brand Ban.
The modern formulation of the antiperspirant was patended by Jules Monteiner on January 28, 1941.This formulation was first found in "Stopette"deodorant spray, which "Time Magazine "called "the best-selling deodorant of the early 1950s" Stopette was later eclipsed by many other brands as the 1941 patent expired.


Acne is a broad term which includes blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads. Acne can strike at any age. Effective acne treatments are sometimes difficult to find, and understanding acne and prevention can be frustrating. Here are some acne treatment tips that have worked for many.

Although acne isn’t life threatening it can be uncomfortable and hard on your ego. There has always been a debate about the actual cause of acne. The actual cause isn’t as important as finding a cure.

So is there a cure for acne. Well yes and no. There are many products available and for some they are a cure, for others they do not help. A cure is only a cure when you find a product that works for you.

Most acne treatments will take time to work. It usually takes around 8 weeks before you see any significant improvement so you are going to have to be patient. Once you’ve got your acne cleared up it’s important to continue with the treatment that’s working so it does not return.

If you have serious acne it is best to consult a dermatologist. However in milder cases you will often be able to get it under control by yourself just by preservering. Try these tips to conquer your acne.

Regular exercise helps keep your whole body in shape. It builds your immune system and helps eliminate toxins from the body. It’s a great start to fighting acne.

You need to eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients that your body needs. They boost the immune system and are good antioxidants. They can work towards helping you get rid of the acne. Try to avoid refined sugars and fatty foods which have are not good for you or your skin. You also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to flush your system of toxins.

Choose cosmetics that are water based and hypo-allergenic. Avoid oil free products, coal tar derivatives, and heavy creams. Make sure you wash your skin thoroughly every night to remove makeup residue.

Hormones can play a role in acne flare ups and they can be used to reduce outbreaks. Your doctor may decide to use HRT to eliminate or reduce your acne outbreaks.

Clean Skin
You need to avoid harsh scrubbing of your face but you also need to thoroughly clean your skin nightly. Use a mild cleaning regime every night. Once or twice a week you should also use an exfoliator to gently remove damaged skin and unplug pores.

Is actually a great exfoliating treatment the removes dead skin. However you should never shave an area that is infected or inflamed. Always use a shaving cream if your skin is sensitive.

Can be a contributing factor to acne so try to relax and unwind. Emotions trigger chemical reactions in the body which can cause an outbreak.

You can help control your acne outbreaks by following these simple steps. What are you waiting for?

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Packaging description : 100% human hair. Simply create sections at the back and the sides of the head, back comb at the roots, press open the clip and place into the section of hair at the root area. Press the clip to lock in place. Release the hair to cover the clips, comb lightly and style as desired. If required, the hair can be cut to the desired length. Removal is simply a case of pressing firmly in the centre of the clip to release. For additional thickness and volume, we recommend that you buy more than one hair extension.

Width : 30cm
Length: 45 - 50cm

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Acne Skin Care Regime

The first most important thing for an acne prone skin is hygiene. A healthy skin care regime should include no harsh scrubbing or over-washing, because this can cause possible skin irritation or over production of oil to replace what has washed off, clogging pores in the process. Products with gentle exfoliation ingredient should be used; i.e. not scratchy nut or fruit shell pieces that can tear skin. Also skip alcohol products when possible; these can take off the top layer of your skin and cause your glands to produce more oil, further causing clogging pores in the process. If you do spot acne-troubled areas, do NOT mess with them.

For best acne skin care effects, using a mild cleanser or toner once in the morning, noon and evening, and after doing a heavy work out, will help you achieve a clear skin. Pick that zit. People who prick pimples and blemishes as if pricking a bubble only aggravates the risk of skin inflammation and acne scars. Avoid hand contact with your face for better acne skin care results. For men, shaving should be done with care. Choose the best electric shavers and safety razors you can trust for years. They'll be more comfortable to use. Men need not use a super sharp blade to get rid of that beard. A regular shaver used with soap and water, or shaving cream will help you get that smooth finish. Doctors advised men to shave lightly, and shave only when necessary for acne skin care maintenance.

Products for daily skin care regime

1 Glycerin is a good moisturizer. Glycerin is known to moisturize from the inside out, pulling in moisture from the outside environment. It's typically found in better quality, more expensive soaps like a hand made soap or good cleanser. Lower grade, commercially produced soaps usually remove the glycerin and use more cost effective chemicals which are much more destructive to the skin.

2 Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus are terrific for cleansing. Tea tree oil is considered to have some of the best natural antiseptic / antifungal properties in the world. Eucalyptus oil has been shown to fight infection-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses very effectively.

3 Pure Aloe Vera - the absolute best moisturizer.

Always remember what is best for your body is best for your skin, especially since your skin is the largest organ of your body. So remember to watch your diet and consume healthy vitamins, minerals and other supplements. This will help to prevent and help conquer acne breakout.

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For normal to dry skin.

Moisturizes, nourishes, tightens and restructures the skin, leaving it with a velvety sense and long-lasting radiant complexion.

24 hours face cream
Revitalization - luminosity - tightening

•Rice*: Nourishing, reconstructive •Rice proteins: Tightening, hydrating •Cupuapu oil: Hydrating, anti-inflammatory •Coenzyme Q10: Antioxidant, anti-ageing •Sugars: Hydrating •Aloe vera*: Hydrating, soothing •Black oat: For long lasting hydration •Bees wax: Emollient •Vitamin E: Antioxidant, anti-ageing •Millet: Tightening •Avocado*: Nourishing, hydrating •Brewer's yeast: Revitalizing •Licorice*: Anti-inflammatory, healing •Provitamin B5: Emollient, healing •UV Filter: Photoprotective

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Acne Adoloscent Style – How To Deal With It?

Adolescent acne is referred to by many names, teen acne, acne adoloscent, and hormonal acne to name just a few. Whatever you want to call it, it can be frustrating, painful, and embarrassing to a teen.

Living with acne over a prolonged period during your teen years can be emotionally devastating, after all this is the age where your appearance is most important. Teen acne is very hard on the ego, often resulting in teasing and razzing from peers. Some teens suffer from not only acne but sever depression.

During the adolescent years almost every teen will have at least an occasional whitehead, blackhead, or pimple. Adolescent acne usually occurs between the ages of 12 and 20, and is usually the result of fluctuating hormone levels. Once the hormones stabilize out the acne will normally disappear.

So what’s the bet way to deal with adolescent acne? The simplest and most important thing a teen can do, is to learn to take good care of their skin, keeping it clean and as oil free as possible. This is not a cure but can help keep acne breakouts to a minimum.

Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will also help by keeping the skin hydrated and the body flushed. Girls should use oil free cosmetics. Lightly exfoliating once a week will help open pours, and remove dead skin debris.

Milder cases of acne can be controlled by using conventional over the counter medicines that are applied directly to the skin. These medications usually include benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid as an active ingredient.

Some natural products that can be used to treat acne are tea tree oil or Echinacea. Wash your face twice a day with a mixture of these herbs to reduce the number of break outs. Both have anti-inflammatory and anti-septic qualities.

In more severe adolescent acne a Doctor may try various oral medications such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives or Accutane.

As teens get older and hormones stabilize, fewer outbreaks should be seen, however some people do continue to have outbreaks well into adult hood. If the teen acne condition worsens or becomes emotionally debilitating it is important to seek medical help from a dermatologist.

You do not want an adolescent to grow up with skin and emotional scars as a result of acne, so treat not only their physical scars but their emotional scars.


34 Menopause Symptoms - Are You Suffering From One Or More Of These?

34 menopause symptoms? Really? It is a logical question to ask. After all, millions of women are experiencing one or more of the 34 menopause symptoms right now! What is going on? We all remember a grandmother or older aunt, how they made the transition into menopause. The so-called change will happen, but something tells us that experiencing many of the symptoms of menopause as early as ages thirties or forties is not normal.

First, here is a list of the most common 34 menopause symptoms. Take a moment to consider each one, as some are subtle and at first glance may appear to have no relation to being menopause symptoms:

1 - Aching joints and muscles

2 - Allergy symptoms

3 - Breast tenderness

4 - Chronic fatigue and morning sluggishness

5 - Cold or tingling hands or feet

6 - Craving sweets, caffeine, carbohydrates and unstable blood sugar levels

7 - Depression, anxiety and mood swings

8 - Dizziness, lightheadedness

9 - Dry, thin or wrinkly skin

10 - Endometriosis

11 - Facial hair growth

12 - Fibrocystic breasts

13 - Hair loss, thinning hair

14 - Headaches, migraines

15 - Heart palpitations

16 - Heavy or light periods

17 - Hot flashes

18 - Incontinence

19 - Irregular periods

20 - Irritatibility, inability to handle stress

21 - Lack of concentration, foggy fuzzy thinking, memory lapses

22 - Leg cramps

23 - Low metabolism

24 - Lower sex drive, loss of sex drive

25 - PMS and menstrual cramping

26 - Night sweats

27 - Osteoporosis

28 - Ringing or buzzing in ears (tinnitus)

29 - Sleep disturbances, insomnia

30 - Spotting, light bleeding

31 - Symptoms of hypothyroidism with normal T3 and T4 levels

32 - Uninary tract and yeast infections

33 - Uterine fibroids

34 - Water retention and unexplained weight gain, especially in hips, waist and stomach

Menopause is a natural process for a woman, not an illness. As a woman ages, there will be an expected slowing and ultimately shutdown in the reproductive cycle and system. This is normal. However, most of the 34 menopause symptoms are indications of underlying hormonal imbalance or damage to the body from poor eating habits, stress, obesity and other factors. Millions of women in the industrialized countries experience one or more of these 34 menopause symptoms many years before the normal age of menopause, which is about 51 years of age.

Why? There are several reasons. Women often put tremendous demands on their bodies, much more stress than it was designed to handle, and then do not give it the support it needs. Women have demanding and stressful careers. There are family responsibilities. The relationship with the spouse or partner may not be the best. Aging parents can add to the burden. All of these and other responsibilities are cumulative in the toll they take on the body and health of a woman.

And at the same time, the womans body may not be receiving the support it needs to function as it was designed to do. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, obesity, excess caffeine and alcohol add to the problem instead of helping the body cope with the demands placed on it. This lack of balance between the demands made versus support given contributes to many of the 34 menopause symptoms.

Then there is the issue of the menstrual cycle and hormone production in the body. In the normal menstrual cycle and a healthy woman, estrogen is the dominant hormone that is produced for the first 10-12 days following the previous menstrual flow. If ovulation occurs, ovulation then signals the female body to produce progesterone, which happens for the next 12 days or so. If pregnancy does not occur during ovulation, progesterone and estrogen levels will drop at around day 28, allowing menstruation to begin. However, if you do not ovulate, you will not produce progesterone that month. This event, called an annovulatory cycle, is a typical occurance today for women even 10 to 20 years before the normal age of menopause. This leaves the woman with an excess of estrogen and a deficiency of the vital hormone progesterone which can only be produced if ovulation occurs.

Many women in their thirties or forties are actually having fewer ovulations, creating hormone imbalance, resulting in many of the 34 menopause symptoms. And once ovulation ceases at menopause, progesterone levels fall to virtually zero. At the same time, estrogen is still being produced, again leading to hormone imbalance and the resulting symptoms. If a hysterectomy has happened, surgical menopause means the woman no longer produces progesterone.

Besides the problems created by missed ovulations or hysterectomy, excess estrogen is regularly obtained from other sources. Birth control pills, household chemicals and pesticides, certain foods that have been sprayed or given chemicals and many construction materials used in homes are all sources of unhealthy estrogen. Doctors call this hormone imbalance condition where excess estrogen exists - estrogen dominance. What are the symptoms of estrogen dominance? The symptoms are nearly the same as the 34 menopause symptoms!

When your estrogen and progesterone hormones are balanced, you feel more alert and energetic. And balancing family, career, stress and your own needs becomes much easier to do, like it was when you were younger.

How can a woman tell if the symptoms being experienced are because of hormone imbalance? One easy and effective way is to take an online test for early signs of menopause and the 34 menopause symptoms. Used daily in their practice by a leading womens health clinic, the health test takes just a few minutes online and the test is free. By taking the clinic health test, you can find out more about your health, symptoms you have, what the symptoms are telling you and what to do about it. Take the online hormone health test and read more about hormone imbalance, estrogen dominance symptoms, hysterectomy side effects and physician-recommended treatments for premenopause symptoms and the 34 menopause symptoms.

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17 Top Tips For Great Holiday Hair

When you are away from home in a different climate your hair will be subjected to weather it is not used to.

Your hair needs to be protected in the same way that you do with your skin. UV rays are very harmful to your hair affecting the pigment, strength, shine and vitality.

For your skin you take with you cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and after-sun lotions so for your hair take shampoo, conditioner, hair sunscreen and styling products.

Cold Climate

1. Cold temperatures weaken your hair and susceptible to damage. Flyaway hair tends to be subject to static. Hair should be well conditioned and protected by wearing a hat.

2. If you have frizzy hair use a leave-in conditioner and take a deep moisturizing mask with you on holiday. All hair types will benefit from using a heat protection spray and serum to keep the elements out and keep the moisture in.

Humid climate

3. Hair expands just like it does when it is wet in a humid climate. This will make your hair fluffy or if it is curly, frizzy.

4. For all hair types, a pre-holiday deep conditioning treatment is a must to nourish the hair and seal the cuticles, as you want to prevent excess moisture from entering the hair shaft.

5. If you have fine hair use a light leave-in conditioner from mid-way down the hair to the ends and use a serum to seal the ends after blow-drying, being careful not to overdo the serum on fine hair.

6. If you have curly and/or frizzy hair then you need to seal the cuticle (the outside of your hair) to minimize the additional frizziness that results in humid weather.

7. Use a leave-in conditioner very morning. Use an anti-frizz serum to coat and seal the cuticle.

Hot and dry climate

8. The sun strips the hair of its natural oils and dry heat increases this effect. UV rays attack your hair and the resulting free radicals damage the hair. The weakened cuticle causes the hair to become dehydrated, allows the bleaching and fading of the color pigment as well as split ends.

9. To protect your hair 100 rom sun damage wear a hat!

10. Deep conditioning your hair before your holiday is essential.

11. If you have fine hair use a wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and use a light leave-in conditioner with UV protection. Use a sun-protection spray containing a UV filter to screen your hair from the effects of the sun and seawater and re-apply after going in the sea.

12. If you have curly hair use a moisturizing shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to minimize dryness. Apply a nourishing hair mask whilst you are away to deep condition your hair. Use a sun-protection spray containing a UV filter to screen your hair from the effects of the sun and seawater and re-apply after going in the sea.

13. If you have frizzy hair use a sun-protection spray containing a UV filter to screen your hair from the effects of the sun and seawater and re-apply after going in the sea.Use a rich leave-in conditioner with UV protection each morning and apply a hair mask every other day during the holiday.

14. When you have been swimming in the sea always wash the salt out afterwards.

15. Chlorine from the swimming pool is extremely damaging when combined with the effects of the sun, wet your hair in the shower before hand and protect your hair with a leave-in conditioner preferably one containing a UV filter. Wash your hair thoroughly after swimming.

16. Hair grips and bands are an extremely useful item to have on holiday and offer a quick-fix solution for hair care problems.

17. Don't forget your travel plug to ensure that you can still use your hairdryer and other electric hairstyling equipment whilst abroad.

Bon Voyage!

5 Quick Tips for Great Holiday Hair and Makeup

This holiday season you might say that old fashioned glitter and glamour is back. The online beauty tips web site has snooped out what’s hot this season: a modernized version of the old Hollywood glamour look.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #1: Healthy Bronzed Skin
It may be cold and snowy out but you’ll look like you just flew in from sunny California. Achieve the look with a tinted moisturizer or bronzing powder.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #2: Sparkling Eyes
Forget twinkle toes. Make your eyes the center of attention with a little sparkle. Achieve the look with glitter eye shadow and eye liner, optional: apply jeweled false eyelashes.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #3: Glossy Lips
Plain lips become beautiful lips that look moist and dreamy with the right shade and lots of shine. Achieve the look with shiny lipstick in shades of pink or plum, or use a non-color gloss over a subtle shade of lipstick.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #4: Upswept Hair and Loose Waves
A casual upswept do adds a bit of sophistication to your holiday look. Achieve the look by sectioning hair into two parts--below and above the ear. Twist and pin the bottom section into a tight bun. Sweep the top half back and tease out individual strands of hair. Loose waves bring back the 1930s era with style. Achieve the look with a large barrel curling iron.

Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend #5: Glitter Nails
All that glitters is golden for nails this season. Glitter adds the perfect finishing touch to beautifully manicured hands. Achieve the look with tinted or clear glitter nail polish. Or, add jeweled rhinestones to polished nails.

For more great beauty tips visit: