joi, 24 mai 2012


 People are intersted to look good and healthywith a little colour,tanning must be so natural .Recent studies and the news report there are more cases than ever of melanoma.We all know that the extensive exposure to the sun will cause your skin to age more quickly.

We can prevent the sun exposure with UV sunlights,that allow to protect your skin .You have all of aesthetic benefits of a rich tan without the harmful side effects.We can do this by typing the tanning products to your skin while in the sun and after.


In this stage it's important to have your skin moisturized .Cold wether and dry air can dry it all as well as a salt water and chlorine.You have always to protect your with moisturized day and night .They are most effective if applied immediately following a shower beacuse the skin is moist and freshly exfoliated from washing.

Even is not winter it's important to protect your skin with a moisturized that have factor of protection 15 or more.One of important part of your body that you have to protect is you face because is more suscetible to sunburn


Taning beds are only slightly less harmful to the skin that the actual sun .However there are taning beds lotions meant especially for tanning beds that give a deper tone to the skin and protect it in the same time .Artificail tanning beds light are extremly strong and you can tan your skin in few minutes per session.

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