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Dry hair is a problem for all.Nowbody wants dry hair , with dry hair is hard to comb and split hair.To cure this problem you need a treatment more exactly hair mask.All of those who have dry hair also have dry scalp.

Hair mask are used for hair and scalp treatment in the same time.You can follow this treatments easy ,they are easy to use and give you  good results.You can use homemade and fashioned masks.This masks contained combined protein with oil .These elements you will find in comercial hair mask and work well.

If you want to try something new and cheap you can make a homemade hair mask that is not hard to do.Once you check this two forms of hair mask you can make an impresion to know who works well.

In the next moments I will present a easy homemade hair mask you need:
  • half cup of  mayonnaise
  • an egg

    You will mixed into a bowl optional you can add banana fregance this potion is avaible only for medium hair.After you finished the hair mask place a plastic hair cap on and allow the mask to penetrate at half and hour,rinse with shampoo.There are different kinds of homemade hair mask that target different  kinds and issues.The factors that cause damage hair are sun exposure and hair tools.Another homemade hair mask that you also can try is olive oil mask.

                                                              Olive oil mask

Oil has great properties is not only used for cooking it also used as a cosmetic for skin and hair treatments.Olive oil mask make your hair more shining.I recommend to use good quality olive oil extra virgin oil that is make from organic oil

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