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Excessive hair loss causes baldness drastically changing the way people look, which is hard to tolerate many men start facing this problem at an early age due to heredity which is not acceptable in today’s lifestyle. In men hormonal changes adds to hair loss to great extent for them provillus for men would indeed be a preferable option.

However specific cause of hair loss has not been adjudged, however research lays down the fact that, excessive secretion of DHT may be the probable reason behind it. Although loosing hair is a normal phenomenon, but hike in its rate leads to problems as rate of growth remains the same.

Provillus for men

is different in the way that it restricts Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) secretion hormonal byproduct of testosterone that reduces growth phase of hairs by inhibiting follicle growth. Although DHT is essential for early growth but with passage of time they start attaching with hair follicle, reducing their size ultimately leading to shortening, thinning of hairs and finally to their breakdown.

Ingredients used in men’s provillus is vitamins, minerals together with blend of botanical components whose function is to inhibit DHT secretion while maintaining prostate health important out of which is saw palmetto & nettle. In addition provillus contains 5% minoxidil which is FDA approved topical solution and this implies its safety and reliability and is also responsible for sale of provillus without doctors prescription, although consultation with doctors before intake is recommended as allergic problems may happen. Now its time to look good with head full of hair which are shinning and strong too

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