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White hair can be a serious problem for all of us.They are a lot of factors wich contribute to graying of hairs suck a:  mental worries,  hereditary  and of course scalp unhygenic.
To prevent the graying of hair we can follow treatments like:

1  Amla  -  is the best source of  graying of hair ,regular massage of amla paste in the scalp worked in many cases
2  Mixture of coconut oil and curry
Take up  1/2 cup of curry and 1/8 oil  coconut in a saucepan .Boil it at a medium flame ,after we did that take the mixture and put on your scalp for 20 minutes.
3 Amarath

Amarath is another home remedy for greying of hair.Application of the fresh juice of the levels of vegetable helps the hair to retain its black colour and prevents it for greying.

4 Massage your scalp regularly for 10 minutes this will help to increasing the blood circulation of the scalp.

5 Devitalizing and harmful foods suck: soft drinks,sugar based substance,pastries,jam,white flour avoid them

6  Gooseberries its also important in white hair treatments.The fruit is taken and cut in 2 pieces and it should be drive in a shade.This dried pieces are heated in a coconut oil till turn into a thick black oil.It's recommendated  to be applied every day

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